Dear Trianon Family

The last few weeks have been exhausting, as we moved out, cleaned up, and turned in our keys to Trianon’s former home at 3201 Bee Caves Road. Most of the shop was moved to storage, but a few critical pieces ended up at the new location which is only 0.6 miles away at 3654 Bee Caves Road.

We are just finishing demolition while we await final design drawings and the necessary permits. The new shop will actually be better – featuring two conference rooms instead of one, and including cooking facilities that will permit us to serve a larger menu! We hope to be open in four to six weeks.

Our staff is taking advantage of this time off to visit family and friends in exotic places like Korea and Boston (okay maybe Boston is a little bit of a stretch for exotic). They should all be back in place in time to help start putting the new shop together following construction.

Should you need any of Emile's fresh roasted coffee beans, please order on-line and have the coffee delivered. We will have the same selection of coffees when we reopen – and Emile will be assuming an active role in the day-to-day operation of the shop as he and his wife are buying the shop over time!

We will keep you updated through e-mails, and will invite you to the “soft-opening” we are planning at the new location! Susan and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the past four and half years! You all have enriched our lives immensely, and we appreciate your friendship!

We hope 2018 is the best year of your lives!

Michael and Susan Sexton

Michael and Susan Sexton


Sandy Foss

I stopped by the new location this morning! I had my nose to the window wondering if I could talk someone into letting me have just ONE little cup of coffee. Not yet! But I will continue to wait patiently.

Steve Chastain

Can’t wait for you guys to reopen. We hope every task before you goes smoothly.

Dennis Nelson

I have been looking for a cup as good as I got for 20 years at the old location and still have not found it!! I am waiting as patiently as I can for you to come back!! Please let me know when I can get the best cup in the Austin area!!!!

Nova Thomison

While I’ve only visited your place about 5 times total, I was super sad to hear you were unable to renew your lease but also excited to hear you won’t be far from my work! I work at 360 dental care around the corner (down walsh – to stoneridge) and always look forward (esp in the past few days really needing some good coffee!!) – to being able to pop by to study, have a delicious cup of joe or a quick bite. Keep at it and I can’t wait to come visit your new location ASAP!! Also, hoping to do some cross-marketing with you guys for our new patients once you open!!

Ben Thornton

I’ve definitely missed my morning coffee from Trianon! Keep me posted please!

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